• Serina Gill

3 Reasons why A Christmas photoshoot should be on your to-do list

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

I love photos. I love taking them, being in them, printing them and sharing them.

Recently I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the lovely Sandra Plomien, A Sheffield based photographer, to have Christmas photos taken of Reyaana. Obviously I didn't hesitate in saying yes!

This was a real treat for me, not so much for Lyle who was in the background jumping around like a nutter - and Reyaana just wanted to eat the props - but it's not about them is it? It's about me getting Christmas photo's of the little chunk!

If you're not already a crazy, photo-obsessed mumma like me then perhaps you need these three reasons why Christmas photo's should be on your to-do list...

1 - You'll Create Life Long Memories

It's been a wonderful year of firsts for us with Reyaana and as beautiful as this journey has been, it's also been a year of loss for many of our family and friends. All we have left are memories and photos - exactly what having a photoshoot is all about. Jumping around, dressing up and having a photographer capture these memories. The photoshoot was a ball of fun and no doubt an experience i'll treasure for a very long time.

Having a Christmas ornament with Reyaana's photo on it from this year to hang on our tree every year from here on in is guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. As time passes by, each Christmas this bauble will come out from its box, and no matter what's happened that year - the memory of our first year with her which will stay with us forever. (a little too mushy? sorry!)

2 - Your Christmas Gifts Are Sorted

I'm completely stuck on what to get our parents this year - considering all 4 of them are obsessed by their grandchildren - my go-to gift is going to be personalised photo gifts. A memory to keep forever and brownie points for me because sure they'll cry when they open them!

3 - YOU GET A Serina Gill MUA & Sandra Plomien DISCOUNT!

Love a discount? Then if the first two reasons weren't enough - this one will surely have you booking your photoshoot in... follow Sandra Plomien & Serina Gill MUA on Facebook and Instagram to receive a huge 20% off your photoshoot booking!! Prices available here

xo xo

Over and out - from that selfie kinda mumma taking photo's of Reyaana and I from a double chin cheezy smiling angle!