• Serina Gill

5 Ways make-up can boost your confidence

It's true, you don't NEED make-up to look beautiful, but sometimes you WANT it to feel beautiful & knowing ways in which it can help may be just the solution you need for a confidence boost today!

1. Invest in a Good Concealer

Something light weighted that's easy to put on with your fingers applying as heavy or as light as possible & lasts all day is what we all need. My go-to concealer on myself and brides is MAC Select-Cover. Tiny tube, easy to apply, no brushes needed and covers up marks REALLY well (trust me!)

2. Bright Lipstick

A bright coloured lipstick is the ultimate confidence booster and applying a bright red will always have you feeling glam!

3. Mascara

I've tried and tested a lot of mascara's and my current two favourites are Tarte Cosmetics and YSL Baby Doll - if these are a bit out out your budget then try pick up a department store beauty advent calendar in the post-christmas sales and try out a range of mini-branded-products for a fraction of the price - also perfect for sneaking into the baby bag!

4. All Over Powder

A good oll over power isn't necessary but if you want a bit ore coverage on top of your concealer then I suggest trying MAC Studio Tech - a light dust of this gives enough of an even coverage and lasts all day.

5. Moisturiser

A simple moisturiser is the key to a good base for your make-up. I personally don't invest in expensive moisturisers, my favourite two are Simple and Cetaphil - they soak in well, available from most local supermarkets and are gentle on already sensitive mummy skin!

So there you have it, 5 key products and easy steps to have you dancing out the house with a smile on your face!

Over and Out, from a Mummy and Make-up Artist

P.S. Youtube video coming soon, when I find a spare 10minutes to balance my phone in between bottles and hiding from Reyaana to record one!