• Serina Gill

A Letter To My 2-year Old

Dear Reyaana,

Two years ago you landed earth-side, and it was the best day of our lives. I cried the second you were placed on me, and I shed a tear today as you still lay on my chest sleeping, wondering what I did in my past life to have been blessed with a little treasure like you. I loved you because you were my baby, the strongest feeling I've ever experienced.

Only now, 2 years on have I noticed that love continues to run deeper and deeper with every breath you take, just as it does for your Papa.

You're the one thing in my life that can drive me absolutely crazy one minute, and demand roti and Dhayi the next, and I'll run to your call - despite running on a few hours sleep - your roti is ready on the table with your other love - Mr Tumble, dancing away in front of you on the iPad.

You're spoilt. And it's totally okay.

You're spoilt with family across the world who loves you.

You're spoilt with more toys and dolls than I have lipsticks.

You're spoilt with 2 parents who despite just want a lay in til 8am, wake up and jump around like clowns at 5am instead.

You're strong, you're sassy and you've got more attitude than me when I was 18.

You say Satnam Waheguru every night before you sleep and wish for prashad on Sunday.

You can sing a Boli, know what to do with a Jaggo stick and shout like you're waking Nanaji's pind up at the crack of dawn.

You rule our heats, our home and the sales of bananas at our local grocer.

There is so much loss around us, that every time we hear bad news, your Papa and I look at you and thank the stars you're here.

So today, on your second birthday as your blogger momma, here is a blog dedicated to you, and all the other mums of toddlers who share the same sentiments.

At this point in time, your 2 cousin sisters are on a flight to celebrate your birthday with you, your Papa and I are putting the finishing touches on your new little cubby house, and arguing about how the curtains should sit, and you're singing Happy Birthday to yourself for the 5th time today.

May you grow with good health, stability, passion, dedication, kindness, stay grounded and be forever surrounded by love.

With all my love today, tomorrow and forever.


P.s. To all the mum's, dad's (& masi's/aunty's) reading this, have been messaging about it having followed my insta-stories. A blog on the Kmart cubby-house project inspired by Miss Kyree, will be up soon!

Photography Credits: Nick Lee, Nottingham UK