• Serina Gill

a Onederland party

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Since Lyle and I were young, our parents always celebrated our birthdays. They instilled in us that no matter what's going on around you, there aren't enough days in our lives to not celebrate the good times, create memories with loved ones and just celebrate BEING...

Alice: "How long is forever?"
The White Rabbit: "Sometimes Just One Second!"

It's quite unusual for me NOT to have an event in my diary that i'm not planning. Be it a baby-shower, wedding event, birthday or corporate event... i've been planning them from day 1 - and I love it! You can imagine when it came around to planning Reyaana's first birthday my mind (and Pinterest board) was overflowing with to-do-lists, ideas and inspiration.

Having attended a lot of children's birthday party's which were a pink or blue equivalent of your typical British Indian 'pre-wedding-party', Lyle and I were adamant to make sure this party was about Reyaana. This included her favourite activities, foods and little friends and cousins and most importantly people who have taken the time to visit her in her first year!

I took my inspiration from Kara's Party Ideas, Pinterest, Talking Tables and Reyaana's personality over the year (A little bit mad...)!

Welcome table styled with Alice quotes, a box for our guests to place their time capsule messages for Reyaana to open when she turns 21.

Children's Activities: Soft Play provided by Monster Mash Entertainments kept the younger kids entertained with an inflatable ball pool, soft play toys and rocking animals.

Welcome Table: Alice in Wonderland quotes we chose which reflected our little mad-hatter with inspiration we hope she looks back on these photos, and takes with her

Children's Entertainment: Kids Dreams Party Themes Mad hatter & Alice kept the older kids entertained with party games all afternoon.

The moment you realise this little girl really does have us wrapped around her fingers... and we wouldn't change it for the world!

Memories from our first year together

Frames from Bed Bath and Table, Australia

Cupcakes: Louisa Portman

Cake Toppers: OtherLetters.co.uk

Welcome Table: Timeline Bunting from Typo & Polaroids from Cheerz

Children's Take Home Party Favours: Paper Tea Cups from Talking Tables

These images were beautifully captured by Delraj Takher Videography and Photography.

So there we have it, aside from our wedding - this is has to be the most fun i've had planning an event.

Over and Out..

From the mum who will take every chance she can, to celebrate her family :-)