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The key to building lasting customer relationships is to create superior customer value and satisfaction (Kotler et al., 2008). Apple positions it products as offering greater value, it must therefore deliver greater value (Kotler et al., 2008). For a lot of Apple consumers, their buying experience begins when entering an Apple store, hence investing in creating a positive purchasing experience from the moment a potential buyer sees and enters a store is a key part of the marketing mix.

The iconic exterior of an Apple store is recognisable instantaneously around the world. Thomas Park holds ongoing documentation of Apple storefronts across the world (Park, 2017). Large floor to ceiling clear glass panels are a consistent feature across the shop exteriors along with a large apple logo on the forefront.

Foster and Partners are responsible for the design and re-imaging of number Apple stores internationally. When viewing a store then entering to view the products, it is clear that the designs replicate a product experience. With minimal colour, floor to ceiling clear glass panels, white light and large frameless screens. Similar to the product designs of the iconic iPad an iPhone where by the screens are to the edge of the product, minimal buttons and only a few colour options available to purchase.

In a case study following Foster and Partners design of the Orchard Road Flagship store in Singapore, they said, “Singapore is considered one of the greenest cities in the word, and the new flagship embodies this theme” (www.fosterandpartners.com, 2017). This also reflects on Apple’s environmental commitment to ‘ask less of the planet’ (Apple (United Kingdom), 2017). The glass panels are sound proof to keep the in-store experience pleasant. If a message is to be carried on, the physical evidence has to be mindful of texture, scent, colour, size and shape. Colours can increase brand recognition by 80 percent, according to a 2007 study by psychology and management researchers at the University of Loyola, Maryland (Writer, 2017). It also affects moods and can elicit a range of emotions (Kotler et al., 2008). Kotler also states that age, gender and cultural associations also play a role in how consumers perceive colour and their reactions.

With an inviting exterior, the Apple logo is on the forefront of the display, lit up in glowing bright whites. The consistency in design is recognisable all around the world.

“Atmospheres are designed environments that create or reinforce the buyer’s leanings towards buying a product” (Kotler et al., 2008). Consumers want offers that deliver an experience (Kotlet et al., 2008) and Apple’s interior display provides this. The display tables allow people to touch, feel and try out the Apple products and accessories in an engaging and hands-on way (www.fosterandpartners.com, 2017). This new learning environment also acts as a place where experts and creatives from various fields can entertain, inspire and teach (www.fosterandpartners.com, 2017).

Apple also uses it’s stores to host events aimed at different target groups (Youtube.com, 2017) which are staged to communicate messages to target audiences.

Together with the physical set-up and appearance of Apple stores reflecting Apple products themselves, the user experience is kept uniform and consistent. Over-time this has allowed for brand recognition to become stronger all over the world.

Examples Of Apple's 7 P's Of Marketing


(YouTube, 2017)

Apple has created a sense of suspense leading up to the release of it’s products since 1984. Encouraging excitement, rumours and building hype amongst viewers prior to announcing specific details of the product itself.


(Apple, 2017)

The Apple store in Sydney, Australia. Large floor to ceiling glass exterior with products clearly visible from the outside.


(Youtube, 2017)

Large number of employee’s present in store. This decreases waiting time, queues and provides a more positive buyer experience.


(Pexels.com, 2017)

Apple produces products with simple exterior designs and convenience of use.


(Apple (United Kingdom), 2017)

This price comparison feature on the Apple website allows customers to clearly visualise what features they will be paying for. The higher the price point, the more favourable perception the item holds to consumers (Yeung, 2017).


(Currys.co.uk, 2017)

Apple allows other company’s to sell their products as authorised resellers, allowing products to be easily accessible and present in more stores across the world.


(Apple.com, 2017)

Example of Apple employees working in customer service, creative education and technical support.


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