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Around the world - Indian Hair + Make-up Artistry

A topic that comes up time and time again. As a hair & make-up artist, I've been fortunate to be able to grow my following and take my skills around with me, having worked in Dubai, across the United Kingdom and now back home in Australia - it's easy to notice the difference in how the demographic of customers and artists vary in each country. So for those of you travelling abroad for weddings or travelling to Australia for one, here is a little insight and comparison from some who works in the industry and has searched for artists for personal use in each country.

Now, before I go any further - before you get as frustrated as one does when their winged liner goes too far... there will be many of you who have your own opinions - and I love that, and happy for you to share them with me in the comments below, but keep in mind, these are my opinions, from my experiences and not 'official research'.

We'll start with my recent experience in:


Naturally, each artist has their own style, so to avoid my sister having a similar engagement style to the looks we have planned for her wedding, we opted to look for an artist for my sister on her engagement - whilst I tackled the other 7 women in our family who also wanted make-up. Guaranteed the minute a bride takes a seat in my chair for her bridal trial, she will have an image from a Canadian artist as her inspiration - and great choice at that!


- Professional response from most well-known artists

- Contracts are very detailed to ensure there are no long wait times for the next client as we know many large Indian bookings can be relaxed about things running to time

- Some charge the same price for both bridal and engagement packages

- Average price for full 1 Indian Bridal Hair + Make-up package ranges from: $950 - $3000

- Average price for Pre-wedding hair + makeup packages (engagement/sangeet): $450 CAD if booked with any Bridal package

- Average price for guests hair + make-up: $150

Now for the land where the weddings happen as often as in India NRI season and there in no shortage of bling for your eyes:


Having had my own wedding in England 4 years ago, safe to say the prices will have changed slightly since then. I opted for a local artist so that I was able to make one booking for myself and my family with her team - definitely making the whole supplier/vendor management process less stressful. The UK market is flooded with artists of all levels of experience and styles across the country.


- Book at least 1-2 years in advance for a good artist, or keep an eye out on their social for when their diaries open (I booked my artist before my reception venue!)

- Expect to pay anywhere between ₤500 - ₤950 for an artist travelling north from London

- The average bridal hair and make-up package for the midlands is ₤450 +/-

- Each artists style varies quite a lot, do your research ahead of time on real-bridal images, not editorial shoots

And finally, for the big Island in the Southern Hemisphere - having returned after 5 years to an influx of Indians compared to when we migrated here 30 years ago - the industry is growing - but how?


Naturally, everyone has their own budget for weddings - and in Australia you can expect to pay a lot more for things such as venues, alcohol packages, elaborate decor which is often part of a standard package in countries who have the Indian wedding planning scene perfectly catered for.


- There are a lot of artists in Australia who are highly recommended due to their low fee's, if you're on a budget - you will definitely find an artist who can 'do the job' and apply make-up

- Expect to pay higher prices for the artists who have had full Indian bridal training who can offer you the confidence in being able to provide hair and make-up, and pinning to create your bridal look as one.

- For good artists, expect to pay anywhere from $350 - $500 for a full bridal package

- Book at least 1 year - 6 months in advance depending on which city you live in

- Query your artists training as self-taught experience varies heavily from full-trained artists

- Meet with your artist and have a trial before hand, ideally of you whole look

Returning to Australia and noticing the prices are less than half of what bridal packages are across the UK and Canada was surprising, but then again, for a country who is still new to the influx of Indian weddings like Australia, it is natural there will be a growing and learning phase where brides-to-be will seek an artist who can provide you with the "Canadian Indian bridal look" on an Australian bridal package budget.

Why write this blog?

A lot of us do get married abroad, so it's important to be prepared when enquiring about hair & make-up, about what to expect and what to budget for. You will find cheaper artists out there, and that's okay too - each persons budget and idea of make-up varies.

How have you experienced hair and make-up in other countries, and compared them to where you're from?

Over and out - Serina Gill MUA!

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