• Serina Gill

BADM: Inbound & Social Media Marketing

Task 1:

HubSpot and Help Scout are two companies who provide online customer focused services. HubSpot is an online platform that delivers all of the necessary elements to set up an inbound campaign (Hubspot.com, 2018). Help Scout is an online customer service helpdesk typically targeting company support teams (Helpscout.net, 2018). Both offer their customers top-quality experiences and value-added services just as any face-to-face service would offer ‘in-store’.

Hubspot’s Approach To Inbound Marketing

Hubspot advises its’ target audience on good Inbound Marketing strategies and also provide the product and solution to do so. They post free content, tools and resources everyday such as blogs, case studies, whitepapers and webinars. Hubspot also developed free tools like Website Grader and Marketing Grader which has analysed over 2 million websites over 3 years (Anon, 2018). As their content is related to inbound marketing, Hubspot eventually became an authority and now a solution provider people turn to (Campins, 2018).

Help Scout’s Approach To Inbound Marketing

According to State of Digital (State Of Digital, 2018), Help Scout’s main approach to Inbound marketing is to have targeted in-depth content (in particular, articles) which are highly optimised for high conversions and search rankings.

The blog written by Irina Nica where she interviewed Help Scout’s Director Of Content Devin Bramhall, summarised their Inbound approach using the table below. It shows that by investing in research, content and their audience, they are able to produce high-quality articles.


(State Of Digital, 2018),

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Inbound Marketing Approach Used By Each Organisation



Online Ecosystem – The Hubspot Marketplace has a large library of third party applications which can be connected to Hubspot data

· Free Gated Content – Allows HubSpot to create leads when content is requested

· Simplicity – Clean solution interface

· Strong Management Team –Instant messenger help chat on the user interface with 24-hour support

· All-in-one-platform The solution allows for CMS, Social Media, SEO, Campaign Management

· Automated reporting tools

· Social Media – has a large following to generate more links and leads to their content


· Cloud Risk – No SSAE 16 (SAS 70), ISO 27001 and other recognised data center certifications

· Lack of Global Capacities – No multi-currency management or multiple language sets

· Predominantly Marketing focused - more than sales despite traditionally both departments working together

· Facebook Interaction – Needs to be constant and interactive

Help Scout


· Targeted Content – heavy investment into buyer personas

· Interface – Easy to use and clear layout

· Social Media – Heavy Twitter presence



· Content Isn’t Gated

Which Organisation was best at inbound marketing and why

After the above analysis, I’d argue that HubSpot are the best at inbound marketing. The quality and relevance of the content is targets and the tools offered are varied. Majority of the content is gated to generate leads and keep the marketing process going and also allows for HubSpot to offer personalised content. In turn, this personalisation allows HubSpot to be even more in tune with their buyers’ journey.

Examples of how Hubspot could improve its inbound marketing strategy

Whilst HubSpot is an industry leader in inbound marketing, by improving engagement with consumers on Facebook they could further personalise their approach https://www.facebook.com/hubspot/. A strategy which their inbound marketing materials and tools encourage (Hubspot.com, 2018).

Examples of how Help Scout could improve its inbound marketing strategy

As Help Scout appears to be ranking low in some main key words and higher in others (State Of Digital, 2018), they may benefit from working to increase inbound links on third party sites to increase its’ SEO ranking under a wider range of keywords. They could also gate their content so that leads are generated when resources are accessed.