• Serina Gill

Content Marketing for online travel services

Script Notes:

Understanding your travellers’ habits, concerns, and interests is key for content marketing success. By researching what questions are being asked by them, you’re able to steer your content to answer frequently sought-after information.

As a travel website, rather than solely creating a traditional Q&A service whereby customers must come to you, aim to answer these questions for them through varied content. This will enable you to attract customers through an inbound strategy with information readily available for them.



Using visuals and encapsulating frequently sought-after information in one image available on ‘Pinterest’ (an image based social media tool) is one way Homeandaway.com.au use to engage an audience.

The image links back to the company who created this who is able to book holidays to Thailand. It displays their knowledge of travel which may influence the level of trust a potential consumer has in the company.

Four Seasons Group


- Content from the different locations they service

- Innovative way of viewing content online as opposed to traditional online blogs

- An older demographic may prefer and be used to the concept of a magazine despite viewing it on screen


- Perhaps targeting a younger demographic who create virtual idea boards

- A way to post enticing images in organised categories which link back to the four seasons website

- This not only provides inspiration and content for those on Pinterest, it also increases the number of links directing back to the company's’ website as its not hosted on the four seasons website.

Mr & Mrs Smith

A creative approach to producing content, they provide a lot of practical resources from guides and recommendations to creative recipes, and new ideas such as ‘packing cocktails’ – a creative way to begin the travelling journey with ‘Mr & Mrs Smith”

Flight Centre


With almost 500 billion videos being watched on YouTube a day (fortune lords, 2018), flight centre ensures its social media sites are regularly updated with new videos related to their travel destinations.

Trends are forever changing, it is crucial for any online based company to have various types of content to continuously engage with and provide value to its target market and customers.

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