• Serina Gill

Goodbye to the 2019 Mamma!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

As I sit here, looking over the WA coast from Busselton with my little family and belly fully with our newest member, I begin to reflect on my year and make my list of goals for the next decade.

Something I think is important not only as a parent, but as an individual whatever your situation may be. Now I’m not talking New Years resolutions which are out of the window by Jan 7th, but sustainable long term goals, which mean taking short term actions. It’s a list of things you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve those.

Me for example, I have a goal of what needs to be paid off before the baby comes and how much I need to save to take maternity leave comfortably - and that means unsubscribing from retail mailing lists. A trick my clever friend Parmy taught me which had a huge impact on her spending when she set her savings goals a couple of years ago and achieved them! 

Adios 2019

You taught me that motherhood get easier and harder at the same time. I love watching a big piece of my heart run around as a little 3 year old, whilst at the same time my heart breaks as she grows out of baby/toddler hood.

You taught me that family isn’t always blood, it’s the people you grow with, resonate with and can be your true self with. And that, is love. 

You taught me to invest time with those mum friends who are real, down to earth and have the right attitude to be able to say “you’ve taken on too much girlfriend, here’s a coffee” (hey Saania!)

You taught me to decide where to focus my career, and how a work-life balance is just as important as career progression. Both CAN be achieved.

You taught me to recognise where to invest and where to let go, in all aspects. Family, extended family, friends, work and business.

Namaste 2020 + a new decade

A new year (for most) brings high hopes, positive outlook and dreams, and I love the magical effect this has.

But let’s be realistic, we’re still going to be wiping butts, and cleaning our kids faces with a bit of lick of the finger, despite carrying baby wipes. 

As a mum, working full time and running my side hustle, where should my 2020 - 2025 goals lie?

I know what my husband would say - “pay that credit card bill off and keep up with your pregnancy yoga and joe wicks madam!” (In that order) and as someone who is the complete opposite of me, I thankgod every day he is around otherwise my mind wouldn’t be as focused and relaxed at the same time as it is going into 2020 (I also don’t know who would watch frozen with Reyaana 11 times a week or leave my breakfast smoothie ready next to my vitamins in the kitchen so I don’t leave hungry).

So back to 2020... and here’s for all the working mums, stay at home mums, non-mums and mums of the big kids!

As a business owner, don’t aim to compete. If anything, looking at market trends - you need to find your niche and trust the process. Don’t copy your competitors and host the same events, find what gives you butterflies in your tummy and go for it! If it means teaming up with someone else in the industry who has the same outlook - then do it! There’s millions of people in this world and you can’t service them all so share [sort of like what you tell your kids...]! (Hint: look out for a Perth 2020 makeup event!)

As a mum, exercise to clear your mind and burn off your child’s energy. I remember when Reyaana was born, and most of my play dates meant going out in the snow and rain. The kid is fine. Get a jacket and woolly hat. It’s just you who wants to be a home bug. Am I writing this to share my experience or make sure I practice what I preach in May? Who knows - but it’ll work. I promise. You’ll feel good about your new tiger stripes and the air will stop you from going all crazy when your other half walks through the door at the end of the day after having enjoyed a hot coffee at some point during the day. Also, it’s free. 

As a non-mum, stop following accounts on Instagram that don’t help you grow or make you smile. This isn’t just businesses, it could be family, friends or someone you just like to stalk. It’s just a waste of thumb muscle when scrolling, and you’ll probably frown which means those wankers are giving you wrinkles.

If you don’t want to see someone’s Louis Vuitton purchase, 2am margaritas or their kids jumping in muddy puddles because you’re suffering from a 3 day hangover - unfollow them. It’s just Instagram. It is jusssttt Instagram. Also, travel instead, or if you’re on a budget - take a phone-free picnic to the beach and don’t instagram it.

That’ll feel like a break in itself. 

And lastly, the mums of grown up kids, I look up to you. You survived the terrible twos, threenagers (and that’s all I know so far...) but you have entered parenting zones I don’t even know exist yet, and yet you’re the ones who there with a hot coffee and foot rub, and for the next decade - you’re the real life “accounts” I’m following. 

So here’s to 2020 and beyond.

Amongst all the events you’ll attend, all the brands you’ll be marketed from, all the people who’ll get under your skin - stay focused, disconnect and just breathe without a phone app telling you to do so. Take it back to the 90’s (but also book me or NeetuSidhuArtistry for makeup so you can look like you belong in 2020's).

See you on the flip side, sharing my lovely small business, a few pics of life as I know it, - and working hard for that deposit! You’ll probably see me as a size 14 mamma pregnant in a bikini (because 2019 taught me not to care so much in 2020, and instead appreciate the phase you're blessed to experience) - but you can unfollow Instagram - because I don’t want to give you wrinkles, and instead smile lines.... because I love having real people following my little business and insights, and I will always stay real online for you!

Over and out, the pregnant mamma rolling into 2020 begging her toddler for a foot massage. 

Thank you for being the year which saw my beautiful sister get married, bless us with two positive lines and settle into Australia (again)...


© 2020 by Serina Gill MUA