• Serina Gill

Hey Desi Momma - Cover those greys (eye-bags)!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

A little trick on how to cover under-eye bags with just 2 easy-to-use products!

Lack of sleep? Grey eye bags the size of a Tetley’s Dip Dip Bag? It’s the most asked question and requested cover-up by clients, family, friends and followers “Errm Serina, how do I make my under eyes pop, cover the greys and look as young as Alia Bhatt?”

The below two steps are to be done either before applying powder foundation or after applying liquid foundation to your whole face.

Step 1: Apply an orange corrector covering a triangle space under your eye

Note: using your ring finger means you’ll be applying this as softly as possible which is less pressure and damage to the under-eye area – do this for every under-eye product and you might just look like Alia Bhatt at 30!

Allow this to settle for a few minutes.

Step 2: Apply a liquid concealer on top using a dabbing motion and a soft brush or your ring finger again, covering the same triangle space

If blended in correctly and allowed to settle – the under eye area will appear less grey than when covered with just concealer alone.

Recommended Concealer: MAC Select Cover. Easy to blend & apply light or heavy coverage.

In exchange for doing her make-up, I persuaded my MIL to let me demonstrate on her for a short clip for YOU! Visit @serinagillmua on Instagram to view the tutorial... I’ll be posting a new step-by-step video on this soon… thank me later ;)

Until next time…

Xo xo The working mum… off to cover her own grey dip dip eye bags!