• Serina Gill


My habit of talking my husband and now my 8 month old daughter to sleep has led me to start a blog. Now you'll have to trawl through the life behind Serina Gill. Enjoy suckers!

A little bit of quiet time for my husband is now a little bit of a time pass for you (and a 'hang in there' other busy humans, 'hug in a blog'!)

I'm from the beautiful sunny city of Perth, Australia. My husband is from the grey skies of Barnsley (although the grass is pretty green I suppose & the sun comes out for a few days each year). The people here are some of the most friendliest you'll ever meet... that makes up for the grey skies. Did I mention the grey skies?

I'm a new mum to an 8month old stunning yet bat shit crazy child who needs to be forced to sleep many times a day - I love her more than gulab jamun and ice-cream! (in case you didn't already know, i'm Sikh, Punjabi and a lot of our breed of human, love Gulab Jamun).

I'm a marketing professional, working full time in the IT industry and because life isn't busy enough as a make-up artist, wife, daughter-in-law (living with her in-laws) and working full time, i've recently started studying a post-grad diploma. My husband says I love to be busy - I say i'm impulsive - but life in the fast last seems to be pretty beautiful so far...

Until next time....

x The tired mum blogging at 11pm on a Saturday night.