• Serina Gill

Indian Mum Problems

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I sit here at 6am on a Thursday morning, sleep deprived after a night with a screaming teething toddler and gearing myself up to function for a jam packed day at work. Just another day in the life of a working Mum. In comparison to one year ago, nothing seems hard.

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Part of my struggle as a new mum was my appearance.

- My skin was terrible during and post-pregnancy

- I had put on a lot of weight despite sticking to being healthy and active

- I was nervous to step out of the house alone with Reyaana (she'd cry A LOT)

So you can imagine how much I dreaded going to an Indian function and having to breastfeed.

I came across Ma-Ree blouses and what a god-send these were. There was no faffing around hiding in a toilet feeding, I feel bloody brilliant because the damn this actually fit me with the adjustable back AND I felt like me again.

Wearing a saree and having to breast feed has got to be one of the biggest Indian Mum Problems - and thank fully our generation is onto it and these blouses were my life saver!

Watch my youtube review of the blouse in action!

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