• Serina Gill

Making the Most Out Of a shitty situation

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

We all moan.

About how life is so ‘busy’ (… there’s that overused word again), husbands and their inability to multi-task, how I always get the number 2 nappies, how the heating is on too high or how YSL accidentally over-priced their bag (without consulting me and my baby-nappy budget).

It takes something really shit to occur to bring life into perspective.

Sometimes I think God does this to us to slap us on the face and say "wake up, there’s bigger issues in the world than you being ‘busy’", or just to make us realise how limited our time here is?

In the last 12 months, both Mr Gill and I have lost our closest friends to brain tumours and cancers.

Supreet was 27 and within a week of seeing the doctor, she passed away. She was a fitness lover, engineer, stunning, loved bhangra/gidha and had a contagious gum filled laughed you couldn’t help but laugh at (instead of with – she was that sort of clown in school, Uni and beyond).

Shane was 32 and battled through for 20months. He had completed his post-grad, continued to travel, had a talent for breaking stove-tops, fell in love and only told a few close people about his prognosis – he was strong. I don’t know what’s worse – living your life knowing you don’t have long left – how do you stay motivated to live? Or not knowing and passing away when your time here is up..?

They were never bitter. They were never too busy. They were so positive about life right up until the end.

It took weeks of tears from the day Supreet left us to make me realise – memories are important, because that’s all I have left of her (and her Latti jacket sitting safely at her home in Perth). It wakes you up and tells you to book that holiday with your family even though your nappy budget isn’t great or plan that family gathering and celebrate birthday's and festivals, because one day – all you're going to have left are these memories.

It’s made me moan less about the little things, worry less about the hear-say and just live life in the moment, create memories with those who make time for you, and you them.

I throw money at bows, clothes and coffee – it’s unnecessary, but we all do it. This week I’ve decided to throw my money at something which can help others who may also suffer from this illness. It’s shit, but if you can donate and help make the best out of a shitty situation – you may be that hero the next Supreet or Shane needs.

If you could donate just £5 to The Brain Tumour Charity (equivalent of a coffee order, nail polish or football socks), together we can make a difference, help others create more memories.

Click here to make a difference | In memory of Shane Jackson

Until next time...

xo The mum... off to create memories!