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Mums Like to Party | Launch Event

Since moving back to Perth in September 2019 it's been wonderful re-connecting with old faces and meeting so many wonderful new faces.

As a full-time corporate marketing professional, Freelance Hair + Make-up Artist, Mum to a little girl and a passionate blogger it's easy to get caught up in my own world which is why I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited by Anita Carr to attend the launch event for MumsLikeToParty .

Held at Rochelle Adonis, this morning's brunch hosted a group of wonderful mamas. Some working full-time time/part-time roles, some stay at home mums, some on mat-leave and some who have been a mum for many years. The perfect way to spend a couple of hours hearing stories from other inspirational mamas who all share similar struggles and passions.

Anita's vision is:

"To bring together like minded women who happen to also be Mum's.  To bring them fun & laughter while navigating the highs and lows of motherhood"

My little buddy Kavan joining us for ladies who Brunch!

And today she did just that! We heard from Jenny at Posh Little Cakes who spoke about her transition from Singapore to Perth, from a corporate marketing professional to her new career and how she overcome the struggles, owning up to needing help, regularly re-evaluating her priorities and juggling her twins and daughter all at once! Super-mum!

Anita Carr of Mums Like To Party

Every mum likes a party - whether we admit it or not. Be it a girls night in or a big night out - reconnecting with yourself and others refreshes you as an individual. From personal experiences, time out and away from the regular day-to-day routine to reconnect makes me give Reyaana and Lyle my full attention when we're together. I'm less snappy, things like the dishes and washing don't seem as important and my relaxed behaviour has had a big impact on how Reyaana behaves. All this as a result of having some 'me-time'.

Anita will continue to host events for mums to connect across Perth, so if you're new to the networking game, follow her social pages and get involved!

Over and Out

The Mama back at her office desk!



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