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A real mums take on being pregnant + practicing social distancing

Round two of pregnancy has many challenges in itself (a lot of which I was completely oblivious too!). There’s the pelvic joint pains as your groin areas stretches from muscle memory, the saggy skin which doesn’t stretch out if your bump is shaped differently this time and then there’s the pressure build up on your soft hoo-haa that starts earlier! The list goes on...

I had my post-birth plan set out, providing my baby arrives safe and healthy, both my mums would be on hand to help with Reyaana, my dads are around for tummy-time (the type where the baby sleeps on their round belly’s - not the usual tummy time parents refer to!), and my husbands shifts had been moved around for a while so he’d be home at night.

Well now that’s gone down the drain.

As if being anxious enough about the possibility of having my vagina ripped apart again wasn’t enough, along comes Covid-19.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky to have a job where I can keep working from home and keep Reyaana at home so she doesn’t share her nursery bugs with her grandparents who I need to stay healthy now more than ever (for selfish reasons!), but what a fudging time to have to a push out a mini-human!

I have no medical advice, in fact I have no fucking clue what I’m doing...

  • I’m cleaning my house as though someone has smeared shit all over it

  • I’ve just done a Kmart order because it’s important to survive the pandemic with a well organised laundry sink cupboard

  • I thanked the gods when my Kiehls order arrived

  • I’ve googled how to DIY a Brazilian so this baby doesn’t arrive thinking it’s born into the wilderness

  • I’m rationing Reyaanas use of playdough before it’s all mixed into one brown pile of shit and the mum-hoarders have cleared the shelves of it! (Don’t share your ideas on how to make it myself)

  • Give it a month and the word bra won’t be in my vocabulary

What I CAN help other mamma’s to-be with during this time is how to feel good and a little less anxious:

Body Scrubs

The chances are, at some point you’ll have dry skin, so invest in some good body scrubs and creams. Luckily my husband used his brains last Christmas and instead of buying me more ‘worlds best mum’ tatt, I received clarins mum-to-be pack with stretch mark and itchy skin remedies - loving it!

The brains of my family (my sisters) posted me a batch of Frank and Body scrubs - to brighten my skin, feel somewhat fresh after a shower and help with again - those bloody stretch marks!

Foot Care

Have you found your feet have become dry aswell as fat? Join the club. And if you’re in your happy pregnancy bubble still holding onto visibility of your nice feet.. then enjoy it!

I barely manage to persuade my husband for a foot massage - and even then it’s a trade off for watching a marvel movie (since the spurs aren’t playing 😂)... so getting him to help with any sort of foot remedy isn’t an option.

  1. Grab a round shallow bucket (the type you soak clothes in) and add some warm water and some body oils - any kind will do right?

  2. Soak your feet

  3. Massage your feet with some exfoliator

  4. Push your cuticles back and trim them if you can reach (or be bothered)

  5. Dry off + massage with a thick cream

Together with the other pregnant human in my house (my husband), we've also tried the garner foot mask gloves.. which felt amazing when they're on - especially peppermint for hot days! Perhaps a quicker option to pick those up from your pharmacy.

Vagina Care

You won’t have much care for how you look down there after bubs is born (so get it in before!)... I didn’t when I had Reyaana as I wandered around my home in Barnsley. I’d walk down the stairs one step at a time thinking everything is going to rip open even more if I walk normally. That Christmas my present from my husband was a butt ring (Best. Present. Ever. - aside from the baby I just gave birth to).

With this in mind - I’ve prepared and ordered perennial + boob ice packs. Even if you have a c-section you can sometimes dialiate naturally in preparation (because you know... why not rip 2 areas of your body apart instead of 1!). Ice packs were a life saver this time, but it’s a little hard labeling what’s for your fanny and what’s for roast dinner....so checkout the body ice remedies I ordered online... they’re already a god send (using them as I type!).

Body Ice Woman Website | Body Ice Woman Instagram

Face care

Dry skin. This baby is sucking the life out of me. It’s given me a thick head of hair but I’m in isolation now so fat joy that is. I’ve found Kiehls to be my saving grace.

I'm left with acne scarring from my last pregnancy and often still (like many of us) - those nasty chin spots (also perhaps from the sugar in strawberry milkshakes I’m consuming).

Some of the products which are helping keep my skin moist:

Those are the four mains areas right? Your body skin, face, vagina and feet?! I can’t help with your eyebrows and tash... just don’t overpluck because if you book me for makeup when this pandemic is over... it’s bloody hard work making over plucked eyebrows appear fluffy again 🤦🏽‍♀️

So my fellow pregnanteers - goodluck, look after yourself, don’t feel down about things (unless you have gestational diabetes.... then that sucks in itself) - it is all worth it in the end :)

Happy isolating + look after your parents for their sake and yours! You’ll need them when you pop this baby out, trust me!

Xo Momma-Bear


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