• Serina Gill

R U Ok?

Growing older and growing up has its challenges.

Theres the overcoming of teenage love in the tweens, theres getting used to living in a whole new country and new beginnings away from family, then theres becoming a mum - the post baby blues and overcoming the fear of having a little person to be responsible for whilst balancing all of life's daily challenges that get thrown at you on top. Then there's the side of life where you see friends pass away, friends receive bad news and whilst being there to support them, you need support yourself.

It's all hard. Now with a daughter of my own, there are a few thoughts which are constantly in the back of my mind - what if she's image conscious, what if she get's bullied, how will I protect her from the world of cyber bullying - it's bloody scary!

It helps to have friends and family to talk to, but sometimes you need someone. A stranger, a professional to talk you through how to overcome these challenges.

A close friend of mine who happens to be a Psychotherapist herself, has recently started up her own business. After years of studying, working in different industries and personal experiences herself, she's realised - people aren't always up to meeting someone face to face. People are shy. Some people just want a quick chat to someone 'else'. People don

't have time. So she started up Approach Therapy.

It seems everyone is 'busy'. My definition of busy is probably different to yours. Studying, working full-time, travelling, mum-ing, wife-ing, housework, gymming and running my own business is busy - but i'm lucky enough to have a husband who makes me take time out to watch Home and Away and Dance to Hindi songs with Reyaana (not at the same time of course - I daren't miss out on my weekly Alf fix).

One of the things i love about Approach Therapy is, it's so accessible. Schedule a phone appointment while you're on your lunch break. Book an online consultation when you know the kids have gone to sleep and you have 30 minutes to sit and talk to someone in peace. If you're up for it - schedule a video appointment.

It's brilliant. With cyber bullying on the rise - maybe cyber psychology is the key to helping the next generation. Maybe it'll help us get through the tough times. Maybe it'll help people feel 'OK'.

Just think about it - wouldn't you rather book a session and chat online to a professional instead of taking time out of your busy day to visit a therapist, when you're at your lowest point?

Everyone's busy, and everyone's busy has a different definition. But some people's busy hides the fact that they're not 'OK' and sometimes, if you're not 'OK', then a new approach to therapy might help.

I'd love if you could share this. Today is R U OK day. By sharing this post, you could help someone who may not be feeling 'OK' but is too shy to talk to you about it - feel 'OK' again.

Until next time...


The busy mum who is ok :)

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