• Serina Gill

Reyaana's Kmart Cubby House Hack

I love DIY. If you ever watched Goodness Gracious Me, the Dhadhi whose famous line is "I can do it at home for nothing" is my spirit animal... except I tend to spend.... a little more than nothing.

From the days of graduating from art and design at school, I've always got some sort of project going on. Home renovations, home decor, wedding preps and then Reyaana came along.

Having a Pinterest account and being a DIYer come hand in hand, so when it was time to think of a birthday present for Reyaana turning 2, you can imagine my excitement (and LG's lack of) when I came across the Kmart Cubby House Hack on Pinterest. THEN one of my favourite bloggers - Miss Kyree, Instagrammed and blogged about her hack... and that was it - the race to fight the other crazy mums looking to get their hands on the Kmart cubby house begun.

Much like Kyree, I thought everyone knew about the affordable Kmart Cubby and it was me who was behind the parenting-times. But since I began documenting the progress on my instagram stories, my inbox has been flooded with questions on what I used, where it's from, how to and so on! So here goes...

The House

The Kmart Wooden Cubby House comes unassembled in a natural wood. The white frames are plastic and it comes with the nuts and bolts needed to put it together.

The Paint

Using outdoor weather proof paint, we opted for Deluxe Snorkel Sea for the door for her forced love of Sheffield Wednesday FC, with a grey and off white to keep the rest neutral.

Where To

Bunnings, Kmart, Ikea and Spotlight were my go to places to gather everything I 'needed' for her little home. Scroll Down for a list of all the key items we purchased to create Reyaana's Cubby House.

The List

1. Paint $assorted Taubmans exterior weather shield paint SHOP HERE

2. Door Numbers $2.70each SHOP HERE 3. Brass Door Handle $12.33 SHOP HERE

4. Brass Door Bell $29.12 SHOP HERE

5. Artificial Flowers $5 each (6 sets used) SHOP HERE

6. Door Mat $14.05 SHOP HERE

7. Chalk Boards $4 SHOP HERE

8. Curtain Material $7 SHOP HERE

9. Interior Frames $2each SHOP HERE

10. Green Garland $5 SHOP HERE

11. Interior Fairy Lights $5 SHOP HERE

12. Picnic Bench $59 SHOP HERE

13. Outdoor Stools $11.99each SHOP HERE

14. Personalised Mirror Name SHOP HERE

Reyaana all set for her birthday breakfast to celebrate turning TWO!


1. Assemble the cubby house AFTER you've painted it - makes it much easier to get into the grooves

2. If you have enough space and can get your hands on a paint spray gun - you'll save yourself a lot of time

3. A Drill helps!

4. We cut down the legs of the stools to make then better suited to the height of the cubby house for Reyaana and her friends

5. Invest in a craft staple gun to secure the fairy lights, ivy garland anything else light being fixed to the cubby exterior

6. Have fun with the hours of entertainment this will give your little monkey! (until they get over it and want something else....)

Thanks to my wonderful Dad and trooper of a Husband for helping me in their spare time and letting me fuss over all the little details to make Reyaana a dreamy little cubby for her to enjoy for years to come. Superstars!

To follow our progress, visit @serinagillmua on instagram and visit the 'PROJECTS' story where you'll find all my DIY projects for Reyaana, our home, her room and more!

xo xo The mum... DIYing at home for a little less :)