• Serina Gill

Shopping for a Baby During Isolation

Image by Leah Cherub Photography

Right now, we read a lot of posts on the anxiety and uncertainty Covid-19 has on the world, but for a mamma preparing to bring a baby into this world, there are 101 things running through our minds...

  • How will I prepare and make sure I've got everything if I'm avoiding the shops?

  • Will I be able to go out and grab what I need when the baby is here?

  • How will we test products and know what we like?

the list goes on...

Luckily as a second time mum, I have a lot of the things I need, aside from stocking up on the essentials - you know, pads, creams, nappies etc.

The excitement and nesting phase of this new Bub arriving has me ordering online 24/7 to make sure I'm over-prepared. It's exciting! like many of us, you'll want to buy a few cute outfits, maybe more since you won't have visitor gifts anytime soon, you will want the baby's room ready, and you'll want it to be practical but unique.

I like to shop small, I like discount codes for us mammas and I like the practical advice a larger store can give. I've shared this list with my family who wanted gifts ideas for baby Gill number 2, but after speaking to lots of other mammas also wondering which shops to buy cute pieces from with AU delivery, I'm sharing my list of favourites with you all on here :)

Independent stores

TinyPeople | https://www.tinypeople.com.au

Acorn Kids |https://www.acornkids.com.au

JamieKay | https://jamiekay.co.nz

Little Human Home | https://www.littlehumanhome.com.au

Tiny Trove |https://www.tinytrove.com.au/

Arabella Autumn | https://www.arabellaautumn.com.au/

Ma Mer | https://www.mamer.com.au/

Harlow and Luxx (code KYREELOVES) | https://harlowandluxx.com.au/

Marlow and Mae | www.marlowandmae.com

Australian Department + Chain Stores

Seed Heritage | http://seedheritage.com

David Jones | https://www.davidjones.com

Myers | https://www.myer.com.au

Marks & Spencer AU (20% discount code KYREELOVES)| https://www.marksandspencer.com/au/

Zara Australia|https://zara.com/au/

Pure Baby |https://purebaby.com.au/

HipKids | https://www.hipkids.com.au

PotteryBarn Kids AU | https://www.potterybarnkids.com.au

Baby Department Stores

BabyRoad | https://babyroad.com.au

Baby Bunting | https://www.babybunting.com.au

Miss Kyree Loves is the ideal discount code queen you will want to follow, check out her blogs here before you make any purchases!

Gift guide for mammas | Shop Small Discount Code List

Whether you’re treating yourself, shopping for a pregnant mamma or the new little arrival, I hope this list makes it a little easier when looking for something in your budget, with delivery in Australia and unique :)

Over and out,

The Mamma who needs to stop browsing baby clothes from the comfort of her sofa!