• Serina Gill


Life's a little busy at the moment (shit! there's that word everyone seems to be using in every sentence these days), so some time out being made to sit by a pool and eat 3 course meals every evening was forced upon me - and boy it was worth it!

As I sit here on my lunch break suffering from Tuesdayitis, having meant to go gym this morning but instead hit snooze 7 times and rushed straight to work instead... I'm flicking through holiday photos and writing this blog to cling on to our week in Tenerife.

Let's start from the beginning, travelling with Reyaana - 4 hours with 3 other adults to share her with was fine, we arrived at Pearly Grey Ocean Club (PGOC) and were treated to a seafront room upgrade (if you get a chance to stay here - book a seafront room, perfect for keeping the little ones distracted watching the waves and water splashing up). Over the course of the week, we'd spend our days at the resort and evenings trying out a different restaurant around Adeje - some great, some average - but always friendly service.

I hadn't travelled abroad and stayed at a hotel with a child before so it was an interesting experience, my biggest worry was how to keep her entertained all day in an environment which didn't have toys and baby friendly activities. PGOC had a shaded baby pool, swings and a soft floor outdoor area which was our godsend, she would sit in the swing for as long as we wanted and watched the other kids play - she also developed her own fan club (ola' to Holly from Leicester, her 11 year old bessie mate who we considered giving Reyaana to overnight...).

With there being 4 adults vs 1 baby, we all managed to take some time out to head over to Jazzy Hair & Beauty for a facial/massage - using products which we were familiar with using in the, I came back from holiday with better skin, slightly more tanned and very relaxed. Whether you're staying at PGOC or just around the area, book in here - she'll have you looking nice and refreshed on holiday even if you are waking up at 4am on a daily basis (teething).

The Edge restaurant has to be one of the highlights - the resort arranged a birthday celebration for us and cake - the food was beautiful and the view from the restaurant was stunning! We loved it so much we dined here twice!

The staff were great although the number of salespersons around the pool, knocking on our door and in the restaurants was a little off-putting, can't say i've noticed it as much when travelling to other resorts and other countries...

The Inlaws. Most have nightmare stories about the crazy mother-in-law and grumpy father-in-law, mine are pretty much the same. Mrs G Senior is crazy, crazy in love with Reyaana and crazy in love with wine so having her on holiday was brilliant, she had Reyaana overnight for 2 nights and on the other nights she was the best drinking partner the Island had to offer!

It's in Dad's genes to be grumpy - the genes he has passed on to Reyaana and the reason behind her signature frown... but he's her sleeping buddy, so having someone who she falls asleep with instantly with you on holiday was brilliant. (also, he's not that grumpy... just when Sheffield Wednesday looses... which is often).

It's a funny thing - transitioning from travelling as an individual, to being in a couple and now to being a family - what once would have been a holiday where we would have booked sunbed's every day and drank ourselves silly and rolled out of bed at 10, has now changed to waking up at 4am settling the teether, inflating multiple rubber floating devices and praying Reyaana tires herself out in the pool enough so she can sleep and then... we can drink ourselves silly.

Pearly Grey was great. Modern, child friendly, everything you need right on your door step including super markets made for the Brits, plenty of daily children's activities for the older kids and a salon for the pamper loving mums out there!

Over and out...

From the mum sitting at her desk wishing she was inflating rubber swimming rings in Tenerife...

P.S. A special mention to our favourite barman/waiter Ben - you made our nights at Pearly Grey brilliant!