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The Post-Partum Struggle

During pregnancy, you get told to eat whatever you like "ohhh just eat it, the baby wants it". What the baby really wants is to kick around in a confined space so that its mum spends her night going to and from the bed to the toilet.

My only pregnancy craving was chilli olives. Literally olives with an entire chilli in the middle of it. They burnt my mouth and I needed a full glass of milk afterwards but I couldn't stop. Fortunately I didn't have too many other cravings which weren't healthy otherwise I'd be struggling even more now...

My husband is a health nut who has a secret addiction to chocolate fudge cake and because of him, we're huge fans of the Joe Wicks way of cooking, living & exercising.

The birth of Reyaana was a struggle. I was induced one morning, and 22hours later after a traumatic birthing experience and many scary moments for Mr Gill, our little girl literally tore through and arrived in the world.

I asked my husband last night, 8.5months later - how he felt throughout the whole thing. He said he was tired and felt sick when he caught an eye-full of the delivery end. *insert eye roll here*.

I hadn't prepared for the post-birth pain, the first poo, the pain of walking, sitting, lying down, bending over to pick Reyaana up, let alone the many scary moments when your back freezes after a shower and you shout for help or crawl to the bed - totally unexpected. Why doesn't anybody prepare you for this? It took a good 4-5 weeks before I was comfortable enough to be with Reyaana alone (Thankgod for sisters, mums, mother-in-laws & that guy who was tired during labour). So now, she's a crazy crawling creature, i've never been the size 8 types but seriously.... the weight-loss struggle is real.

Questions for experienced mums.... Does that saggy little podge with stretch mark worms ever go? How many Kettlebell and spin classes will it take to fit into my skinny jeans again? and am I really going to have to alter all my Indian wedding clothes because things just don't sit in the places they used to?

It's hard, I was prepared for the breastfeeding struggles, and got through them. I was prepared for the sleepless nights, and invested in a Nespresso machine. I was even prepared to see my money fly out the window on teething toys and nappies. I wasn't prepared, (and so many of my 'mum-buddies' feel the same), for the post-birth weight loss struggle.

I end with this....

1. have any mums' tried waist-training belts?

2. Can Joe Wicks PLEASE put something together for mum-bods and my new friend 'the saggy podge'

3. my husband is still tired.

Image: 3 hours after the birth of our little human. Please note: my husband was tired.

Blogclaimer: this is not a complaint about motherhood, i'm one of the lucky ones who could conceive. It's a call for advice and letting others know, other mums who are great at covering up behind a good contour, have post-birth struggles too!


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