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The thing about baby travels

Our international travels with Reyaana first began when she was 5 weeks old. We had planned a trip to Dubai for my twin nieces first birthday because it's impossible for them to celebrate without the masi-like-mummy (ignore the fact that I have a serious case of FOMO).

The journey there and back was fine - exclusively breastfeeding meant I didn't have the hassle of bottles, formula, sterilizing etc. I was worried about the boob-flashing in public in Dubai but with support from @natsandjun (www.natsandjun.com), it was okay :)

There was something special about staying at home for 40 days after her birth as part of the Indian traditions my mum and mother-in-law follow, and the first place she visits after Barnsley being my sisters in Dubai :)

Her second international trip was to Perth, Australia at 5 months old. Having just started solids and now being bottle fed, I was a bit unsure as to what to expect. Will she sleep? Will she eat? Will she annoy the other passengers? How will I eat? Travelling there was fine, i was lucky enough to have my sister Prav with me (Masi Goals!), on the way back however, I was on my own. Nervous? Hell yes!

Basically, travelling alone with a 6 month old from Australia to UK was 22 hours of risk management planning and executing.

So I was prepared with a pouch of nappies and wipes i could whip out and go to the bathroom with for a 'quick change response'. I had half filled bottles of cooled boiled water ready to top up with boiled water and add formula for a 'quick milk response' and I had pouches of puree to squeeze when i thought she was ready for something a bit heavier. The little angel slept all the way to Perth and all the way back, waking up every few hours for a change and feed. 'Celebratory Jiggle'

Don't get me wrong, I didn't sleep a wink and the second I landed and came out at arrivals I passed her off in an instant! But I managed, and I put it down to being organised throughout the journey and anticipating a hungry/teething/poo cry at any moment.

Here comes the next challenge... it's 2am and in 11 hours i'll be flying out to Tenerife ready for a much needed family holiday. She's nearly 10months old, crawls at lightening speed, has ants in her pants and has 2 teeth cutting through.

It'll be her Papa's first time flying with her (jammy git got out of the last 4 journeys), and i'm prepared with milk, food and teething remedies, but i'm not prepared for 4.5hours of a wriggling worm on our hands.

What are you tips for travelling with a crawling critter?

xox The mum packing liquids into clear sandwich bags at 2am

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