• Serina Gill

Why australia again?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The older you get and the more people you meet, the more often you come across people who have worked, lived, travelled and settled all over the world, and moved again, and again.... and again! A little sceptical at first, as I have become so settled with life in Yorkshire... my new family, my friends, my local conveniences and life in a town as opposed to Perth City.

In the last few years, Lyle and I have lost some of our closest friends making us realise, life really is too short. Then came the decision to try out Australia as a family of 3.

As an individual and couple, it's easy to try out new places to live, travel, explore. Then comes along Reyaana, and everything changes. We'll need to settle in one country eventually, do we choose Australia for the weather, lifestyle, opportunities or do we choose England, for the family, support and locality to other travel destinations?

You hear the saying often, but it's not often you act on it.... 'You won't know until you try', so here goes nothing..!

Leaving with just a suitcase as a single girl heading over to the UK to work and travel, coming back with over 130pairs of shoes, 18kg of makeup, a ship,ent container and a family, things are surely going to be different - but without throwing yourself into these unfamiliar situations, we'll never know what we may have missed out on.

So for all my wonderful followers in the UK asking why, and all those in Australia who are jumping with excitement. Here's why we're heading over to Australia, and why we hope Reyaana feels this sense of freedom as she grows up too...!

Over and out...

The British Born, Australian Raised, Make-up Mommy!

P.S. I've also been offered an exciting new marketing role I couldn't refuse, which played a small part in our decision making.