• Serina Gill

Working Mum & Stay At home Dad

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

South Beach, Fremantly

It's nearing a month since the three of us left the UK and moved to Perth. What a whirlwind it's been!

With Lyle and I both working full time in the UK, Reyaana was in full time day-care. Everyone has their own opinions about this, especially the Indian community who constantly questions why I went back to work when Reyaana was 6 months and didn't chose the SAHMum Life...

To put this bluntly - I love my career and was at a point where we wanted to start a family but I also didn't want to be setback in pursing further studies and opportunities. Sorry (not sorry).

So now we're in Perth, I've taken a step up marketing career and Lyle is at home with Reyaana full time (for now). At first I admit, I was a little jealous of their daddy-daughter dates, naps together and social calendar which involves lots of cool Perth cafe's and parks - I miss my mat leave!

For Lyle, having not had a long-period off work in over 10 years, having this short career break and spending time with Reyaana seems to be doing them both the world of good.

  1. He knows his sh*t (pun intended) Fair enough he may not be as good as matching her bows to her outfit, but he's damn good at everything else and more onto it than I ever was!

  2. He has his own style of parenting Timings, diciplines, diet - the lot. He's got his way of doing things down pat. There's reasons behind his methods... much more thought out and he's so relaxed by doing so.|

  3. He's not on vacation He's managing our life admin (well... managing my lunch time to-do-list) and their joint social schedule! It's important to get out, the way he finds the local play centres which have good coffee ratings is a skill!

  4. We're in it together This has to be the biggest comforting factor helping the guilt that comes over me working full time - being able to switch roles has seen us enter a whole new world of conversation as a couple and focus on other areas of life as a family of two and three!

So to all my fellow parenting-followers, if you've ever thought of switching things up, with a full-time working mummy and dad who's home with the kids more - then don't doubt yourself. It could do wonders for your career, relationship and set a non-gender-biased example for your children.

We're always on about equal rights, it's okay to actually do something about it!

Over and out (because my lunch break is over...)

Serina xo